3 Best Internet Providers in Australia

Australia is home to over twenty-five million people. To serve the needs of people, there are innumerable service providers. Among the different needs of Australians, the need for the internet is a major need. With the advancement in technology and an increase in the dependency of humans on the internet, life without the internet seems unimaginable. In fact, it has become an inseparable part of the people. If you are living in Australia or have recently flown in from a foreign country, you might be wondering what the best internet providers in Australia are. Well, there are several internet service providers available all over the country. Some of them are listed below:

1. Telstra

The biggest internet service provider in Australia is Telstra. In fact, over 40% of the total population uses their service for their business or home. The reason behind their great popularity is that they have been into existence from the beginning of internet time. They also have great customer service which makes them very popular among the Aussies. Their popular internet options are mobile broadband, ADSL and NBN.

2. Optus

The second popular option among the Australians is Optus. They started offering their services back in 1981 as AUSSAT but in 2001 they changed their name to Optus. So, they are also relatively old service provider. They also offer mobile broadband, ADSL and NBN internet options and have an excellent staff of professionals offering customer support.

3. TPG

Another reliable small business internet provider is TPG that has been offering excellent services for several years. They offer their services all over the country and offer three different types of NBN internet with an option to bundle up landline services.
These are three of the best internet providers in Australia. Obviously, there are some other options that Aussies choose to use for their services. If you are looking to get one, you may consider one of the best ones for excellent and reliable services.