Does Laser Mole Removal Work? There’s Only One Way To Find Out

Unwanted Beauty Marks


Many of us have been born with moles located on different parts of our body. However, when moles are located on our face, they become called as beauty marks or beauty spots.


Often times, moles are unobtrusive especially if they are miniscule. Sometimes, moles can be quite distinct and can have a beautifying effect on one’s face. However, there are times when moles are larger and more obtrusive, which can significantly affect the physical appearance.


These unwanted moles or beauty marks are therefore often desired to be removed in order to restore the balance on the physical appearance. An effective and safe way to do such is through laser mole removal Sydney.

Is Laser Mole Removal Effective?


So, does laser mole removal work? Yes it does. Unsightly benign moles, or those that are not cancerous, can definitely be removed from the body and the face safely and effectively through laser mole removal.


However, before undergoing any medical procedure such as laser mole removal, it is best and always advised to have the mole checked by a doctor or dermatologist in order to determine if the mole is benign and safe to remove.


How Does It Work?


The laser mole removal is an easy, safe, and quick procedure in removing unsightly benign moles on the face and the body. During such procedure, light radiation bursts are directed toward the beauty mark, causing its skin cells to be broken down.


Laser mole removal is so precise that it only targets the mole to be removed, and therefore the surrounding skin and tissues remain healthy and intact. This is the reason why laser mole removal is safe and effective.


Before the actual procedure, local anesthesia is done on the part where the mole is found. The laser mole removal process is quick and easy and it usually takes around a few minutes (less than an hour). Moreover, no downtime is needed after the treatment and the patient can immediately return to his/her normal routine after the procedure.


So, what are the immediate effects of the procedure? The mole will be gone and a small red spot will be left in its place. A small and temporary dressing will be placed on the spot in order to hasten the healing process. In a few days, the spot will form a scab, which will fall off about seven days later. Over the next months, the spot will lighten and adjust to the color and tone of the skin. Your skin will look as if there was no mole on it in the first place.


Even though it may cost higher, laser mole removal is much safer, faster, and effective than home remedies for mole removal that involve the use of nail polish, apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil, castor oil, or baking soda.