How Can I Get My Degree 2 (ASP) Electrical Qualifications?

To preserve and ensure the quality and security of the electric networks and its link to the supply networks; just an Accredited Service Provider (ASP) Level 2 electrician that works under the ASP scheme handled by NSW Trade & Investment is legally permitted to execute any of the work.  A Level 2 qualification is required for tasks such as private power pole installation at your home.


  1. Complete Your Electric Contractors Licence (Electrical Apprenticeship)

To be able to get your Level 2 electric qualification and function under the ASP strategy, you must first get your electrical contractors license. An electrical apprenticeship is composed of 4 years functional, onsite learning, as well as 3 years analyzing 1 day per week at TAFE.


  1. Pick Which ASP Class And Level You Want To Work On

The ASP scheme is broken down to 3 degrees and the services that can be undertaken (although not limited to) by a Level 2 (ASP) electrician are broken down to 4 classes (previously Called categories):


A Level 1 electrician can experience both underground and overhead construction work on supply networks that are located adjacent to the roadway.


Level Two electrician

A Level 2 electrician can experience the building of service lines between the distribution system and, the point of attachment to the residential or, commercial premises.

A Level 3 electrician can work with the plan of distribution networks.

Service line disconnect and reconnect.


Class 2B

Work on underground service conductors


Class 2C

Work on overhead service conductors.


Class 2D

Installing metering for meter types 5 and 6 and other network operator support equipment.


  1. Find Level 2 ASP Training Near You

Coast Complete Electrical Option s business partners Ryan and Dylan, both finished their credentials through Level 2 ASP Training Hunter Tafe. You have to fill out all necessary paperwork and have all of the mandatory requirements ready so as to apply for the 1-week course. Once accepted you’ll need to pay the fee and successfully complete the 1 week 14-hour course.