Is BTC Still a Good Investment?

Did you know that provided you had invested in cryptocurrencies in 2010, your profit would be astronomical today? For example, if you invested only 186 AUD in Bitcoin, then, your tokens would be worth around 1,909,102.52 AUD presently.


2018 didn’t favour Bitcoin that, but before then, business in the visual currency was rising tremendously. By December 2017, Bitcoin had peaked so much that it was worth nearly 27,592.70 AUD. As 2018 began, it still continued above 24,682.65 AUD for some time before descending rapidly to as low as around 3,200 US dollars in certain cases. Since then, the exchange rate has been improving through 2019, and the question in the minds of most cryptocurrency investors is whether is BTC still a good investment?


Good time for investing in Bitcoin?


In addition to reading the present cryptocurrency market, this brings us to the benefits Bitcoin comes with. Investing in Bitcoin 2019 is a move that can pay off handsomely considering that there is a general scepticism right now about BTC investing. With a bit of luck, people who invest now will become the ones that seized the moment before another big hype came when their investment was already making huge profits.

Expressly: It doesn’t have to materialise, but it can.

Blockchain technological comes with advantages you can’t deny. Bitcoin remains a decentralised, digital currency without any middlemen like banks or financial institutions to complicate and slow its operations. Cryptocurrencies like this make it a reality for its investors to take part in global trade transactions without necessarily using a bank account.


The future of buy Bitcoin in Australia is promising, and even early investors whom BTC investing has generated millions for like Daniel Ameduri who is president of Future Money Trends LLC in the U.S, predicts that BTC is potential for the future and now is another time to invest in cryptocurrency.